Domain registration: how and where to register a web domain

Domain registration how and where to register a web domain
Domain registration: how and where to register a web domain

Often, when activating a blog, users ask us which are the best sites to register internet domains and which are the best ways to do it. In this article I will show you how to easily buy a domain and I will also give you a tip to do it for free!

Before we begin, let’s see the basics, so let’s all start from the same point.

What is a domain name? A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser to visit it.

For example, is the domain of this site!

Put simply, if your website was a home, registering a domain would be equivalent to specifying its address.

The whole internet is a gigantic computer network. Each computer is assigned a number called an IP address, and it looks like this:

Well, you realize that it’s not an easy address to remember. Imagine if you had to use this type of address to visit your favorite websites.

To solve this problem, domain names were invented. Domain names can have letters and numbers, which help website owners create easy-to-remember trade names for their web addresses.

The recording domain is a very delicate and critical step in the launch of a web site. Do not take the risk of superficiality, since if you are precise and attentive at this stage, you will gain time and advantages in the future.

What kind of project do you want to carry out? Do you really want to create a website ? Or do you want to create a blog ?

It does not matter, the registration of a domain must be done with the awareness of some very important elements. If you are about to start a website, keep this guide handy and follow the steps I will show you step by step.

Register web domains: how to do and which sites to choose

In the first quarter of 2018, over 44,000 .com domain names were registered per day. There are currently over 134 million .com domains already registered.

This means that many of them are recorded while you are reading. There is therefore the possibility that someone can register the domain name you are thinking of, so it would be good to proceed to register different domains related to your brand or niche as soon as you get an idea that you consider valid.

This is because tech savvy entrepreneurs register domains proactively, even before starting a business (I own about 50 different ones). Domain names are in less price, and you can get them for a year. If you decide not to continue with the activity, you can let it expire.

If you are determined to start a business, then you should instantly register your domain . This will protect your brand identity, company name and even future business ideas.

Therefore, you don’t need a site to register . You can register it now and create the site later. You can also register it and set up a temporary site.

Many entrepreneurs offer domain names as if they were digital real estate agencies, so they register a good name and keep it waiting for the right buyer to buy it from them.

Domain registration: the 7 steps to avoid mistakes

From choosing the domain extension to choosing the registrar , here is everything you need to know to register domains without leaving anything out.

1) Choose the extension with which to register the domain

Registration of .it or .com domains

Let’s start with choosing the domain extension . My advice is always to orient yourself towards the. it , if you operate in Italy, or the .com , if you have a commercial activity. Don’t be afraid to use common extensions: it won’t make you appear trivial or unrecognizable.

In fact, it could be a big advantage: your users will store the right extension faster. Being the most popular extensions, they will be the first to try. If they type. en , and they are wrong, then they will type .com , or vice versa. They will hardly try another extension, so save them time!

.Org. Domain registration

There are however cases where it may be more beneficial to use other extensions. For example, use .org if it is an organization’s site. This is in fact the extension that distinguishes non-profit organizations, non-profit associations and sites created especially for humanitarian causes. If this is your case, the .org extension will communicate an idea of ​​seriousness towards the cause you are dealing with.

Domain registration with one of the new TLDs

The use of the new TLD ( Top Level Domain ) is indicated if you want a particular distinctive sign. In fact, the advantage of these extensions is that they clearly communicate the intent of your site:

  • domains indicating the theme of the site (.music, .football, .love);
  • domains with internet terms (.blog, .online, .storage, .wiki);
  • Β·          geographic domains . In addition to the classics .de, .fr etc., which indicate the country to which a site refers, you can now even choose between city names (.london, .madrid, .osaka) or geographic areas (.corsica, .catalonia) ;
  • Β·          branded domains (.lego, .lamborghini, .nike).

2) Choose the second level domain

Once you have decided on the top level internet domain , or extension, you will have to choose the second level domain you want to register. Choosing the name of your domain doesn’t have to be rushed: take all the time you need and follow these steps:

  • the name must be short and clear : describe your business concisely;
  • if your brand is already known, take advantage of it;
  • enter keywords in the domain ;
  • aims to conquer a niche through precise terms;
  • be unique and don’t copy names that already exist.

You will also need to put yourself in the users’ shoes and be able to guess what they expect to find. The same topic can be treated differently for young and old, or for beginners and experts, for example will address a different audience that .

3) Check that the domain you want to register is available

Once you’ve decided on the domain , check if it’s available . Enter the site of any registrar , i.e. a manager who deals with the registration of internet domains . You will find a search area and in a few moments you will find out if the domain you want to register is free.

If the domain you want is already busy , you have two options:

  • choose another domain : you often find suggestions directly on the registrar page ;
  • try to buy the domain upon expiration.

In the second case, you can visit that domain and understand if the site is active or not. If it is not, you could contact the owners and, if they are actually no longer interested in maintaining it, you can buy it on expiry.

Alternatively, you can contact the Bookeers backorder service or the Namecheap Marketplace , a kind of online auctions for expiring domains .

4) Before registering your domain, find out about its history

You have finally found the perfect domain . Well! This, however, does not mean that nobody has ever used it before you. Therefore, you need to make sure that this domain has a good reputation. In fact, if a domain in the past has been penalized by Google for any reason, it could drag on its bad reputation, and it will be much more complicated to gain a good position on search engines .

Useful tools for discovering the past of a domain are the Wayback Machine , which shows the appearance of a site in certain moments of the past, and Website Penalty Indicator , an indicator of penalties.

5) Choose the best registrar to register domains

There are countless services for registering an internet domain . Often, hosting packages are offered that also include domain registration , sometimes free for a year. You can purchase domain and hosting together on SiteGround .

Or you can choose to register only the domain and subscribe to a separate hosting plan , or even later. The registrars that offer this service are for example , NameCheap or . You can find more details in the last part of this guide.

Know that you can register domains with any registrar and then purchase the hosting you want, without necessarily having to subscribe to both services from the same provider. This is possible thanks to the use of DNS, which associates the domain with an IP address of your choice.

6) Domain registration with Privacy WHOIS

Now everything is ready, only one final decision is missing, namely whether to make your data as owner of the internet domain private .

You must know that when you make a recording domain , the owner of the data is communicated to ‘ ICANN , the international body in charge of assigning IP addresses and identify, in fact, the owners of domains . At any time, anyone can check who is the owner of a domain by going to the WHOIS website and doing a simple search.

Recently, however, some providers offer the possibility to guarantee the privacy of domain owners , hiding their personal data and replacing them with those of an intermediary.

The domain owner will thus be able to protect himself from spam and from any type of unwanted contact, but he can be contacted at any time for legal reasons (for example, if a violation of a registered trademark is found).

7) How much does it cost to register web domains

And here is the real moment of domain registration . But how much is it? The costs of a domain can vary depending on the registrar and the extension.

In fact, first of all, each registrar proposes its price and offers. Some offer the domain for one euro for the first year, others offer the domain for one year for free if you also purchase a hosting service at the same time .

The price, then, may vary depending on the extension. The registration of a .it domain is usually among the cheapest and is around 6-10 € per year, excluding offers. The other common extensions are slightly more expensive (10-15 €) while the new TLD can reach 20, 30, 50 € per year.

You then need to determine how long to buy the domain . The deadline is annual, but you can choose to buy a few years in advance.

Domain registration on SiteGround

If you are wondering which service to contact for the registration of your domain, together with a hosting plan, I recommend you to use SiteGround.

  1. Choose an extension from the 70 available. If you choose between .it, .com, .net, .org and other popular extensions, you will have one year of free domain.
  2. If you choose another generic extension, you can get a discount of up to 35% for the first year.
  3. You can activate WhoIs Privacy at any time with a click from your control panel.
  4. You have full control over your domain thanks to the clear and intuitive management panel.

If you want to register for a free domain to create a blog or create a website , this is the best option for you.

As we saw above, a domain name costs around € 12 per year, and hosting plans start at € 6.45 per month. It is not very little money, if you are starting.

To better understand why you need both hosting and domain , Read our Guide for what is domain . and what is hosting

SiteGround offers a free domain name, SSL certificate and 24/7 support.

SiteGround is one of the largest internet service providers in the world. It was born in 2004 and takes care of hosting over two million domains. Not to mention the fact that it is even officially recommended by WordPress and that, by activating a plan on SiteGround

Activation of the service

To get started, visit the SiteGround website and click on See our plans .

You will come to the rates page. The Start Up and Grow Big plans are highly appreciated by our users.

Click on the Buy button under the plan to continue.

On the next page, you will be asked to enter the domain name. Just write the domain name in the edit field, leaving the radio button Register a new domain activated , and select the extension.

If the name is available, you will be redirected to the domain registration page . Here you will have to enter your account information, such as name, address, email etc.

Under all the account information, you will find extra services. I advise you not to buy them for now, so leave them unchecked. If you think you may need it, you can always add them later.

Once this is done, you can click on the Pay Now button and complete the purchase.

SiteGround will now register your domain, configure your hosting account and send you an email with a link to your control panel.

Since you need hosting to start a website, it doesn’t make sense to buy a domain separately if you can get it for free with the combined SiteGround offer.

If you have difficulty registering your web space, you can activate our WordPress Assistance and we will help you in the procedure.

.It domain registration with

If at this moment you just want to register a domain without creating a site, then is for you.

Bookeers is the most popular domain registrar in the world. It currently manages over 72 million domains for 17 million users worldwide.

Bookeers offers you an easy way to manage your domain without creating a website. When your site is ready, you will only have to indicate the domain name to the hosting of your choice.

Here’s how to make a domain registration with Bookeers (step by step).

First of all, go to the Bookeers website and enter the domain name you want in the search field.

If the name is available, you will see a success message with your name on the top. Add it to your cart.

Then, click on the Go to cart button to purchase.

Bookeers will show you some additional services that you can purchase together with your domain name. You can skip them by selecting No thanks and clicking Continue with these options .

On the next page you will see your domain name and its registration duration. You can change the registration period up to 10 years if you want.

In any case, I do not recommend it. You can always renew your domain before it expires, so if you want to save money, select only 1 year.

Create an account, then enter your billing information and make payment for your domain.

Now, Bookeers will register your domain name and send you an email with a link to your control panel.

Make sure that the automatic renewal of your domain is active, so Bookeers will automatically charge you the amount upon expiry and renew your domain name. This way, you won’t lose the domain if you forget to renew it.


As you saw, the recording domain is a process that must be well thought out, and it is not a step to be taken too lightly. Very important factors are involved, from SEO to the reputation of your brand, and all this could have consequences on the visibility of your site and on your earnings.

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