What is an Internet domain: definition and insights

What is an Internet domain definition and insights

Are you wondering what an internet domain is ? Do you want to create a website or do you want to create a blog ?

Very well! Because this guide is dedicated to people who do not have much experience with the web and      want to know more.

Surely you too can do a search on Google, or manage your Facebook profile, but you have never had the need to know the web from a more technical point of view. And you probably don’t know what an internet domain is yet .

No fear!

In this guide you will find out what a web domain is and you will find that, with the right tools and a little good will, you will be able to decide the best and right decision to purchase the domain for your website

What is an Internet Domain? Let’s see its definition.

Before I give you a definition of domain , I must first explain how websites are “kept”.

There are computers called servers that are managed by companies called hosting providers . These computers have great performance and a lot of space inside them, are protected by the latest security systems, and are used for various reasons.

There are various types of servers , but those that interest us are called web servers and have the function of hosting websites. A hosting provider is so who hosts various sites Internet , providing its servers.

Obviously, the servers are reachable from other computers (or tablets, or smartphones), which are instead called clients .

Summarizing this first step: the PC or mobile device you are using to read this guide is a client, while the SOS WP site is kept inside a server.

Each server is identified by a numerical code. When a site internet is stored in a server it is identified by a number, called the address IP , for example:

But it is already a lot if we remember our mobile number, let alone if we had to remember the IP address of each site we want to visit!

And then, just to make things easier, domains were created , that is, names that replace the numbers of the IP address . Therefore, instead of typing the number, it is sufficient to type the internet domain to reach the site we want. A bit like we do with the mobile phone book, associating names with phone numbers!

The name is certainly a more practical way for us humans, but computers need to continue using numbers. So, thanks to the so-called DNS system , every time we visit a website a translation is made from domains to IP and vice versa. The DNS , then, is a translator from numbers to words, to address IP domains. So we can see and browse the internet .

The answer to the question of  what an internet domain  is, therefore, is this: the domain is the name of a specific internet space , such as a website.

Domain and hosting are therefore the two essential things that you will need to create a website . In fact, hosting and domain can often be purchased together, thanks to services such as Bookeers.

How is a web domain made?

Now that we understand what a web domain is , let’s find out what elements it is made of.

Look at the address bar of your browser, i.e. the part where you can type. All you see written in it is the URL , which also contains the domain.

First of all, in the URL of this page you will read https: // . This is the protocol for transmitting information via the internet , the system that allows servers and clients to communicate. The client asks the server to show a certain page, and the server returns it. HTTP and HTTPS (which is more secure) are the protocols used for websites.

To find out more, I recommend reading my guide on what an SSL certificate is .

After this acronym, you can often also find www , but not always. WWW stands for World Wide Web, and at the beginning of the spread of the internet it was mandatory to use it. Now you can also choose to use a domain without WWW.

The next part, finally, concerns the internet domain . On this page, you will read sos-wp.it , and this is our domain, which will be followed by the name of the article.

Domains can be of different levels. Let’s see what they are and what they are for.

What is a top-level internet domain

If you’re wondering what an internet domain of the first level, or TLD ( Top Level Domain ), is the part we commonly call extension. There are various types of TLD or you can say best Top Notch Level Domains :

  • Β·          national top-level web domains (.it, .es, .eu);
  • Β·          generic top-level web domains (.com, .gov, .edu).

The national internet domains identify the state or territory to which they belong and consist of two letters.

Generic domains indicate organizations or companies. Some can be used freely (like .com, which can be used by any company), others are reserved for certain entities (.gov, .edu).

Recently, many top level web domains have been born , so the choice is really wide. However, I advise you to always stay on the classic .it or .com: they are easier to remember and have greater credibility.

What is a second level internet domain

The second level internet domain is the part you invent: you can choose a domain that contains your company name, your name and surname, a fancy word … You can use all the letters of the English alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 9.

You can also use the hyphen (like sos-wp ), but it must not be at the beginning or the end. The second level internet domain can have a length ranging from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 63 characters.

For convenience, the set of second level domain + top level domain is generally called domain . After registering a domain , it remains for the exclusive use of the owner until expiry.

In fact, once purchased, the domain will not be yours forever, but you can renew it year after year, as long as you wish.

What is a third level internet domain

Finally let ‘s see what a third level internet domain is . A third level domain is also known by the term subdomain and precedes the second level domain , from which it is separated by a dot. A third-level domain often used is, for example, blogs.

To get a domain, you will need to register it with a provider. Bookeers , for example, allows you to register domains and, at the same time, to subscribe to a hosting plan, that is to buy a space in which to host your website.

When subscribing, you will be able to choose the first and second level domain. Only when you have access to your control panel, you can create third level domains, or subdomains, and finally choose whether to activate the https protocol and whether or not to use the www.


We finally clarified what an internet domain is , explaining how it works, what it is used for and what parts it is made of.

Remember that if you want a particular domain, it is essential to check the domain to see that it is still available.

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