What is Business Email? How to Buy

What is Business Email How to Buy
What is Business Email? How to Buy

How about a professional business email address?

As a company, the email address at your domain is a clear sign of reliability and seriousness. Do we trust a company whose employees use freely available e-mail accounts? Of course no. Well-known extensions are for personal use only. Since they are free, the reliability of messaging and the attachments attached to them is at risk. In order to overcome this, e-mails with your own domain name will prevent the problems you will experience.

Professional Indicator

Having your own business email address makes a professional impression. It helps build trust between you and the buyer. That’s why creating a business email address is one of the first steps every company should take. It is equally important for contractors and employees to establish a professional connection with their customers.

Don’t Miss Your Emails Due to Inaccuracy!

If a serious customer makes a typo in your e-mail address, your e-mail will not be lost with the Catch-All feature. With your own domain name, you can set up the catch-all function, which redirects all emails to a specific account, thereby protecting you from potential mistakes. You can forward it to a working e-mail account and check it.

Working Without Ads

Unlike free offers that display ads and use user data for marketing purposes, professional email addresses from a domain are basically ad-free and completely confidential. Business email is for business only.

How can I create my own company email address?

Choose a domain name that will link to your e-mail addresses.

If you are a company, you should always check if your Company Name is available. Local companies also usually select the specific domain .com country for Turkey. If you want, your e-mail address can be info@yourcompanyname.com.

First of all, it is required to be obtained from local companies that have the local provider certificate and can control the necessary institutions in accordance with the law and legislation. It may be preferable to have one-to-one phone support in the company portfolio, a ticket system by correspondence outside the hours of support. It has to have good technical features such as e-mail coming / sending times, DKIM, spam control, imap and pop support for 3rd party programs, SSL support for connections and easy device synchronization. You can click here to take advantage of the packages created according to your needs with all these features .

Multiple features that we can not count in the packages offered to you, create e-mail quota settings, create a mail group and define e-mail, create a catch-all rule (Catch-All), suspend, quota exchange, e-mail forwarding and more. you can make transactions with one click.

In addition, you can make well-known features such as rule creation in e-mail accounts, forwarding calendar, calendar, address book and dynamic interface

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