What is code signing certificate ? and how it works

What is code signing certificate and how it works
What is code signing certificate ? and how it works

What is code signing certificate ?

By using a code signing certificate to code sign software or programs to be distributed online, you can clearly indicate the software developer/distributor and prove the integrity of the content.
Unlike the programs offered on discs that can be purchased from physical stores, there are some cases where the programs downloaded from the Internet actually contain viruses and malware, and it is not uncommon for their safety to be suspected.
Digitally signing software using the DigiCert code signing certificate prevents malicious third parties from tampering with the code in the signed software or distributing code with unauthorized changes.

Code integrity is judged by comparing the hash value set at the time of signing with the hash value of the downloaded software .If the hash values ​​do not match, the user will see a security warning or the code download will fail.

What is a hash value

  • A number calculated from data using a hash function such as SHA-1, SHA256 (SHA-2).
    If the original data is slightly different, a different hash value will be calculated.
    So it can be used to check if the file has been tampered with.
  • Software not signed with a code signing certificate may have been tampered with, so a warning is displayed during installation
  • Whether or not to trust the code signing certificate is determined by whether or not the root certificate of the certificate issuing certificate authority (CA) is registered as a “trusted certificate” in the device such as the PC on which the software is installed. Will be opened.
    DigiCert’s root certificate is already built into almost every PC/device/application, so you can rest assured that many users will be able to minimize security warnings.
    DigiCert code signing certificates not only ensure the safety of software users, but also improve the reliability of the software and the developer.

Code signing certificate installation procedure

  1. Obtain code signing certificate
  2. Generate a hash value for the code to sign
  3. Encrypt hash value with private key of code signing certificate *This is a digital signature
  4. Create a package of code, encrypted hash value (digital signature), code signing certificate

Verification procedure by code signing certificate at code download

  1. Validate Code Signing Certificate
  2. Obtaining the public key included in the code signing certificate
  3. Separated into code and encrypted hash value (digital signature)
  4. Decrypts the encrypted hash value (digital signature) with the public key and obtains the hash value included in the certificate
  5. Generate hash value of downloaded code
  6. If the two hash values ​​match, the code is not tampered with and proves to be authentic.

We mainly provide EV code signing certificates

In preparation for the tightening of code signing standards on Windows, DigiCert and bookeers.com mainly provides EV code signing certificates that certify certificate-using organizations according to strict guidelines.

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