What is Domain Transfer ? and what is the flow of domain Transfer ?

What is Domain Transfer and what is the flow of domain Transfer
What is Domain Transfer ? and what is the flow of domain Transfer ?

Domain transfer means changing the company that manages the domain you are using. Although it is a domain transfer that we usually do not consider, if it fails, there may be problems such as being unable to browse the home page.

This article introduces the flow and points to note when transferring domains.

What does it mean to transfer a domain?

Domain transfer refers to the measures required when switching to another company for the domain management company (registrar) used on the homepage.

All domains that exist in the first place are managed by a domain management company (= β€œ designated company β€ certified by Registry Services ). A common mistake is that many think that “Obtaining a domain means that you are in control of it.” That is the correct recognition.

If you need to move to another domain management company, you need to transfer the domain.

When do I need to transfer my domain?

Generally, domain transfer is not often necessary. Users will rarely have a chance to be aware of a domain management company.

The most common case where domain transfer is required is when migrating a contracted rental server. Many people will also acquire the domain together when contracting for a rental server. You can do this because the contracted rental server company is also a domain management company. In this case, if you cancel the rental server service of the migration source, you will eventually need to transfer the domain. In addition, the domain management company also provides the DNS server required for operating the domain, and if there is a shortage of functions, you can switch to another domain management company.

Terms to remember when transferring domains

the termContent
[Registrar]All domains in the world are managed by the database. A registrar is a business operator that has the authority to register and change domain information in this database and provides domain management as a service. In this article, the registrar is described as “domain management company” in an easy-to-understand manner.
*Although it is sometimes called a domain administrator or designated business operator, all refer to registrars.
【transfer】Domain transfer is sometimes called transfer.
[Whois]This is a service that allows you to browse the information registered in the domain database from the Internet. The sites that can be used by whois are as follows.
*When transferring domains, check the domain information on these sites.
[.com WHOIS] A
whois service that allows you to search for domain information ending in “.com”.

whois services for other domains, please check the list of URLs below.
[.com domain]A domain ending in .com.
[GTLD domain]The domain ends with “.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz”.

Flow of domain transfer

In this section, we will explain how to handle domain transfer. The above figure shows the general flow of transfer, and here we explain the steps required to apply for transfer to a new domain management company.

The detailed procedure differs depending on the domain management company, so please contact your domain management company for details.

Domain transfer period

It takes a few days to a few weeks to transfer the domain. The period depends on the domain contract status and management company.

Transfer process for gTLD domain

The flow of domain transfer depends on whether it is a gTLD domain or a .com domain. First, I will explain the transfer process for the gTLD domain.

1) Check if 60 days or more have passed since the acquisition

Domain that are less than sixty days cannot be transfer. Please transfer the domain after 60 days have passed.

2) Check the domain registration information of the contractor

Please confirm the domain registration information of the contractor (name, address, phone number, etc.) of the contractor to the transfer destination accurately in advance.

3) Ask the current management company to make the transfer possible

In order to be able to transfer the domain, it is necessary for the current management company to handle the following.

Β· Domain unlock
an unknown purpose of preventing a domain transfer, it may have been in a state that can not be transferred in the current management company (the state of domain lock). In this case, it is necessary to get the lock released.

Β· Whois protection of the release
whois information restrictions for not illegally rewritten the (whois protection) might have been a. In that case, you need to get the protection released.

Β· AuthCode of confirmation
from the AuthCode in order to prevent unauthorized domain transfer, is the code that has been assigned to the domain. If you need to transfer the domain, you need to confirm the AuthCode with your current management company.

4) Apply to the domain management company of the transfer destination

After completing the above 1) to 3), apply to the domain management company of the transfer destination.

Transfer process for .com domain

Next, I will explain the flow of transferring .com domains. It is simple compared to the case of gTLD domain.

1) Contact the current domain management company

Before applying to the domain management company you are transferring to, you must inform the current domain management company that you are transferring the domain.

2) Apply to the domain management company of the transfer destination

Apply for transfer to the domain management company of the application destination.

3) Procedure for approval request email

After applying, you will receive an approval request email from the current domain management company, and you will need to follow the email for approval. Confirm/request the current domain management company to see if this procedure has been completed.

*If the current domain management company does not complete the procedure, it will be automatically approved after a certain period of time.

Points to note when migrating the server (DNS server) at the same time as the domain transfer

What you should be careful about when transferring a domain is when you move a server that has a home page etc. in that domain at the same time.

For example, let’s assume the case where you need to move the rental server, so you must also transfer the domain at the same time. At this time, the DNS server (name server) that links the domain and the IP address, which is the address of the server, is likely to change at the same time. Then, the registration may be different between the old and new DNS servers as follows.

* Assume that you are using the domain example.com and the home page URL is “www.example.com”.

The old DNS server
www.example.comis registered with the IP address of the old server.

The new DNS server
www.example.com of the migration destination has the IP address of the new server registered.

The domain database also contains information about which DNS server to use for each domain. Therefore, if the timing of migration did not match well, for example, “The information of the new DNS server is valid even though the migration to the new server has not been completed”, the visitor accesses the new server whose homepage data has not been uploaded. There is a situation where the homepage cannot be referenced because it has been lost. This bug will continue until the DNS server inconsistency is resolved.

How to prevent DNS server registration inconsistencies

The inconsistency in DNS server registration as described above is a common problem when transferring domains. Not only can you not browse the home page, but due to this problem, emails operated in that domain (emails to @example.com in the above example) will also be undeliverable and errors will be returned to the sender. There is often.

In order to prevent this problem with certainty, it is recommended to follow the procedure below for application and settings of the new server.

  1. Apply for a new server
  2. Complete the new server settings. * Make sure that the new server can browse the homepage and can send and receive emails.
  3. Register a new DNS server for your domain. (Make sure that the IP address of the new server is registered in a valid DNS server)

*To register a new DNS for the domain, ask the domain management company of the transfer destination.

At this time, do not immediately delete the settings of the old server (home page, mail, etc.), but leave a period for using it with the new server for a while. This is because both the old and new servers may temporarily be accessed depending on the timing of changing the DNS server (setting change). The longer the combined use period is, the safer it is, but considering the period for switching the DNS server and the period for the information in the database to be propagated (spread), it is recommended to have about two weeks.

The DNS server may not always need to be set as above if you want to keep using the old one. Therefore, for more detailed settings, please contact the rental server support of your contractor.

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