What is online marketing? Definition and characteristics

What is online marketing Definition and characteristics
What is online marketing? Definition and characteristics

The term Online Marketing has become very popular in recent years. But more than one “fashion” refers to a concept that has become a key tool for the growth and success of brands.

What is online marketing?


Online Marketing is the application of digital technologies that form online channels to contribute to marketing activities aimed at achieving profitable acquisition and retention of consumers.

In other words, online marketing is a system for selling products and services to a selected audience that uses the Internet and online business services.

This is done using tools and services strategically and consistent with the company’s general Marketing program.

In Online Marketing there are four key points that are very important and that must be ensured for compliance before the launch of any web campaign :

1. Usability: It is the efficiency with which the user is offered the service or information that it requires. Any website focused on online marketing strategies must be highly usable, that is, its design is intuitive enough so that from a child to an elderly person there are no problems navigating said website.

2. Interface: A properly designed interface allows to highlight the new and relevant content for the user in a clear way and without extravagances within the website. By implementing an attractive interface, users are more attracted to the product or information to be transmitted.

3. Search engines: They are in charge of ordering the information that exists on the Internet. To advertise through a search engine there are two systems: SEO and SEM. The first refers to organic or natural positioning and the second is based on the results obtained when making a payment. The latter is also known as PPC or sponsored links).

4. Promotion:  Promoting a company together with its products and services is a key factor in growing your company. This can be done through the exclusive Internet channels: Email Marketing, E-advertising (Banners), Social media marketing (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

How to implement an Online Marketing strategy?

Having an Online Marketing strategy has become a necessity rather than an option for companies. This can help to have a more direct communication with the users, improve the segmentation, measure the results and obtain a constant optimization.

To carry out a good implementation of an Online Marketing strategy, some elements that are essential to ensure the proper development of a successful campaign must be taken into account:

Are you looking for a good Online Marketing solution? If what you need is to make your products and services known to all the thousands of users who connect to the Internet every day, you are in the right place. A correct Online Marketing strategy can benefit any brand and help it to potentiate customer acquisition and Sales.

For a correct Internet Marketing strategy, we must be aware that we need at least the following 4 bases since we cannot talk about strategy if we do not have these means:

  1. Websites :  As a first indispensable step in any online Marketing strategy, you must have a good website. What is our work in this area? Basically we improve the website of each client, we make it visible to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing since nowadays if a website does not appear in the search engines, it practically does not “exist”. We analyze what terms are important for users looking for products and we work on it so that the website is fully functional and productive. In summary, we make each website a sales tool.
  2. Internet Advertising :  Although having a website well done is important, it is useless if people do not reach it. That is why we create campaigns that highlight the brand in the place where potential customers are. We do this through Internet advertising campaigns. The benefits of this type of advertising is that it is contextual and based on the needs of the potential client. Our services include Facebook Advertising management as well as Google Adwords Advertising.
  3. SEO, search engine optimization  : “If you are not in Google, you do not exist” this is what some experts have said. Search engines are the Internet doors where people look for what they need and want. If a website does not appear when searching for your services, you are losing hundreds of potential clients. Our job is to make a site relevant to potential clients.
  4. Outsourcing Community Managers: Human beings are social and that is why we are fascinated by social networks. Today, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more terms are on everyone’s lips as they are the name of very popular social networks. If people spend all day connected to a social network, companies must also be connected. We offer the creation of corporate profiles on social networks, maintenance as well as training in the best use and exploitation techniques.

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