What is Plesk hosting ? and how to use it

What is Plesk hosting and how to use it
What is Plesk hosting ? and how to use it

If you have a web hosting, or simply need a control panel with many features then find out  what Plesk hosting is  and how to use it to better manage your hosting and your website.

What is Plesk?

It is a control panel for web hosting which, unlike cPanel , supports not only Linux server platforms but also Windows, CentOS and Debian.

Easy to use and install, it allows simplification and a rather advanced management of your web hosting.

Together with cPanel , the Plesk web hosting control panel  represents a real standard for most developers and webmasters.

Through this control panel, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of many tools that will allow you to manage your hosting in detail.

In particular, among the many features you can: manage login and email accounts, upload content, intervene on configuration parameters, manage backups and databases, use FTP services and much more.

With Plesk you will also have the possibility to install your favorite CMS such as: Magento, WordPress, Joomla and much more.

In short, if you are looking for a control panel with many features, potential and great flexibility then rely on Plesk .

If you want to discover all the features and tools that  Plesk  has to offer, read the article:  Plesk control panel – All tools and features , to better know how to manage your web hosting through one of the most famous and used administrative panels .

If you want to find out more about the control panels, take a look at the article: what is web hosting control panel is and what it is used for .

How to use it

As already mentioned, the use is very simple and quite intuitive.

First of all, you need a web hosting and a web domain.

If you don’t know what it is, I suggest you read the article: what is a web hosting  and what is a web domain to get to know everything there is to know.

Depending on the chosen hosting, you can have a pre-installed control panel, otherwise you will have to buy and then install Plesk  manually.

So, always pay attention to the proposed hosting plans and carefully read what is offered to you before purchasing.

We at Bookeers.com offer packages at very aggressive prices with Plesk control panel pre-installed and ready for use.

In addition, to make our offers even more attractive for all our customers, in addition to the free SSL certificate included, we also offer free domain registration.

All enclosed by backup services to ensure greater security of our hosting and a free and fast support service.

Now that you have everything you need, just access the Plesk control panel by typing in your browser,  nomedominioweb.it:8443 .

At this point you just have to log in and start managing your hosting.

Why choose Plesk?

Although it may seem less user friendly than cPanel , the Plesk  control panel  in the latest versions has been updated in order to guarantee a more intuitive interface with rather simple functions and settings to use.

It also offers great compatibility and flexibility with any type of web hosting.

Available and purchasable in various packages, it offers many tools and extensions that can be installed or purchased separately (based on the package chosen), which extend its functionality.

In addition, Plesk  provides the WordPress Toolkit for free  .

It is a powerful tool that speeds up and helps everyone who has a WordPress website by offering many features.

Among the many available you will have the opportunity to: make new WordPress installations, migrate existing ones, manage plugins and themes, manage indexing for search engines and ensure greater security.

However, this important tool that will surely appeal to many WordPress developers, offers limited functionality.

In fact, depending on the package purchased, you can find yourself buying the full version of WordPress Toolkit separately.

In short, if you are a beginner , Plesk  is an excellent control panel for your hosting and domain.

However, unlike  cPanel , it is mainly aimed at a professional audience who are looking for a more aware and profound hosting and domain administration system.

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