What is Seo ? what it means and how you can apply it to your website

What is Seo what it means and how you can apply it to your website
What is Seo ? what it means and how you can apply it to your website

What is seo and how can i apply to my website ?

In this article I would like to explain the  meaning of SEO in a clear and simple way for all those who have decided to create a website or create a blog, but do not yet know how to move to gain positions.

The SEO includes many aspects and, if you want to create a blog or create a successful website , it is important to be clear first of all what it is. In fact, understanding well what SEO is and how it works will also allow you to study it more easily and apply it correctly.

We immediately explain the meaning of SEO .

SEO: meaning

What is SEO? As you may have already read a million other times, SEO means Search Engine Optimization . And a million times you have asked yourself “Yes, but what does it mean in practice?”

Let’s start in the simplest way possible and analyze the meaning of this expression. So let’s start from scratch and explain the meaning of ” search engine ” and ” optimization “, so that we all know exactly what we are talking about.

Meaning of SEO: what is the search engine and how it works

The search engine is a tool that allows you to find content on the web thanks to a user search. The most famous and used search engine in the world is Google, but there are also Bing, Yahoo, and many others.

Whatever information you are looking for, simply write a few words in the appropriate field, press “Search” and in less than a second you will get thousands or even millions of results.

What happens in this split second is a very complex procedure based on a series of instructions, that is, on a program called an algorithm . In this program the rules are established to identify the most relevant contents with the research carried out by the user.

Furthermore, thanks to the algorithm, these results are organized in such a way that the most relevant are shown first.

Here now the meaning of SEO begins to become slightly clearer. The rules that determine which elements will appear at the top of the list are the ones you will study if you want to do SEO .

Meaning of SEO: what does optimization mean

Now that you understand how a search engine works, let’s try to better define what is meant by optimization .

The optimization consists in making its contents as possible as possible in line with the rules established by the algorithm. The more rules you can respect, the greater the chance that your site will appear in the top positions of the list.

Applying these rules means working with commitment and constancy because, if your work starts well, but then is neglected, the search engines will notice that your pages have been abandoned and therefore they will consider them no longer relevant. As a result, you will lose the positions you gained in the beginning.

Meaning of SEO

I think now the meaning of SEO is much clearer and the words “search engine optimization” start to make sense.

Let us summarize the meaning of SEO : SEO is a set of practices that serve to improve the positions of your website in the list of results in search engines. These practices are applied in compliance with the rules of the algorithm, which establishes which are the most relevant contents for a given search.

How to do SEO

Doing SEO and then optimizing your site for search engines is an activity that affects many aspects. The best known one concerns the correct use of keywords , or keywords, but it is not limited to this alone. In fact, we can distinguish three areas within SEO . Each area of SEO focuses on a different sector.

SEO: meaning of on-site

The SEO on-site is the set of practices relating to the optimization of the site in its general aspects, ie valid for any page.

This area includes the characteristics relating to the speed and performance of the site, security, its usability even from mobile devices etc. As you can see, therefore, on-site SEO is closely linked to rather technical aspects, such as the hosting on which the site is hosted or the CMS used to create it.

In fact, the characteristics of the server made available for hosting and its settings greatly influence factors such as the speed of page loading, security and performance. This is exactly why we always recommend SiteGround , because it is a reliable service that guarantees to greatly improve the SEO of a website.

Instead, choosing the right CMS can determine that your site has a clean and tidy code, and therefore correctly interpreted by the search engines, and that its layout is responsive , therefore guaranteeing a good user experience for those who consult it from a smartphone or Tablet.

SEO: meaning of on-page

The on-page SEO , or part of it, is the best known and that sometimes is confused with the whole SEO. In fact, it is about the optimization of individual pages and its most important aspect concerns the correct use of keywords.

The main objective of SEO is that the words entered by the user in his search correspond as closely as possible to the keywords of his site. Optimizing your texts will therefore mean finding out what the right keywords are in your sector and using them to create quality content.

The keywords, in fact, will be used in specific points of the page, as in the titles, to be identified first by the search engines and to help the reader to better understand the topic and the structure of the speech.

But on-page SEO does not end here, because it also deals with other aspects, including, for example, optimizing images to lighten the file as much as possible and therefore increase the page loading speed.

SEO: meaning of off-site

Finally, off-site SEO refers to all activities carried out outside the website, such as in social networks or blogs that deal with topics similar to yours. Its purpose is to attract visitors from outside and gain popularity and authority on the web.

In fact, authority is a determining factor for positioning and there are several techniques to increase it, including the presence of links to your site within sites that already have a certain position on Google.


So here is clarified what SEO is . I also explained the meaning of on-site, on-page and off-site SEO in order to make it clear that it is a vast and articulated topic.

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