What is shopping cart ? what is the function of shopping cart and how to choose them?

What is shopping cart what is the function of shopping cart and how to choose them
What is shopping cart ? what is the function of shopping cart and how to choose them?

What is a shopping cart ? When you start an online shopping operation, it is a service that allows you to build an online shopping site very cheaply and in a short period of time.
It is also characterized by the fact that the initial cost and monthly cost are very low, so it may be said that it is a very optimal service when easily constructing a shopping site.

However, there are so many companies and services that provide shopping carts, and we hear many voices who are worried about which shopping cart to choose to build their own online shopping site.
What is a shopping cart to compare the latest online shopping sites and build a shopping site that suits you?
This time, I will tell you about the latest comparison & selection of shopping carts.

What is a shopping cart?

What kind of service is a shopping cart?
A shopping cart is one of the means to build an Bookeers.com site.
As a means to build an Bookeers.com site

  • Bookeers.com site construction package
  • Cloud system
  • Shopping cart (ASP cart)
  • Opening a mall

There are various construction methods, but the feature of the shopping cart is the best service when you launch an online shopping site for the first time.
What are the characteristics?
I would like to look at the specific features (merits) of a shopping cart.

Features of shopping cart (merit)

Initial, the monthly cost is very cheap
functions necessary to shopping sites are available in basic functions

in some cases anyway trial because there initial costs are the monthly costs are also free of the shopping cart, shopping cart with reduced cost Want to start
It is perfect for such needs.

On the other hand, of course, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages in shopping carts. Next, let’s look at the disadvantages of such a shopping cart.

Characteristics of shopping carts (disadvantages)

Bookeers.com is a low degree of freedom of the site, customization can not
charge enough to extend it is and sales Nobile is generated
support is thin hand, additional cost if you generous support
is additional cost and use services and in the number of members the number of items that It

is true that there are such disadvantages that may occur.
Depending on the shopping cart, there are cases where some of the above disadvantages do not apply, but it is important to take the first step in selection after fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a general shopping cart.

Shopping cart comparison

Here, I would like to compare seven representative shopping carts.
Not only the initial cost and monthly cost, which are important selection criteria, but also fees and how much service is actually introduced. I summarized the achievements and features of each shopping cart in one word.

BASE and STORE.com can only be started at 10 – 49 Dollars per month at the beginning, and it seems that they are often used when many stores and individuals open shopping sites.
On the other hand, since we handle a huge number of stores, each of which has more than 800,000 stores, we mainly support inquiries, emails and chats regarding support, and we would like to consult you immediately by phone! It seems that such support is quite difficult.

If the emphasis is on such support, it may be best to adopt a paid shopping cart.
Each company has a wide range of support and contents, but one of the features of the paid shopping cart is its rich menu.

Comparing a free cart with a paid cart reveals what you can and cannot do.
However, of course, the restrictions vary depending on the type of free cart, and you can also switch to the paid version, so it is not necessarily the case that the paid cart is better than the free cart.
Based on this, the parts that make a big difference when compared to the paid cart are “capacity”, “number of design templates”, “customer attraction function”, “unique domain“, “analysis function”, “number of products posted”, etc. Often, the features you need are paid.

If you are a beginner and want to launch a site, it is not a necessary feature right now, and it can be said that the minimum selling environment is in place.
Even from a financial perspective, it seems attractive to be able to set up an online shop for free.

However, if the purpose of launching an online shop is one of the new businesses, and you have to increase sales steadily, it will be best achieved by using a pay cart from the beginning to firmly build it from the foundation. It’s a shortcut.

In conclusion, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of setting up an online shop and consider whether to choose a free cart or a paid cart.

Why are there low monthly or free services?

Is it possible to operate the service provided by the company for free?
Actually, even though it is a free shopping cart, various internal costs such as the cost of developing the service itself and the environment for moving the shopping cart are incurred.
So why are there many shopping cart services that are free for the initial and monthly charges and many cheap services that can be used from hundreds of dollars ?
Although it is stated that it is free for the initial month, the actual monthly charge will be incurred when taking a fee for each order generated in the shopping cart or in the form of a card settlement fee.
These fees are often part of the shopping cart’s revenue structure.
Cart services that have fixed card payment rates and fixed fees will cost more as sales increase, so the monthly payment costs will be substantially proportional to sales.

An unexpected pitfall! Cancellation risk/withdrawal risk

Many companies provide shopping carts, but one unexpected pitfall is when a service provider withdraws from the service itself.

Shopping carts are cheaper per company, so we need to increase the number of companies.
However, with many competitors already existing, it is becoming difficult to differentiate.
In such a case, the service may actually be terminated or withdrawn in 2019, with multiple services occurring.
In such a case, the service will be forcibly cancelled, and you will have to launch a new site with a different shopping cart to keep the Bookeers.com site alive. It is better to make a total judgment on the characteristics, achievements, reliability of the company, years, etc.

Selection by product to sell

If the products you sell are mainly for regular purchases, a shopping cart with strong regular purchases.
In addition, if the shopping cart is intended to be sold to a corporation, it is a shopping cart for corporate transactions.
There are many service-specific shopping carts in the shopping cart.
As an example of a shopping cart that is strong against regular purchases

the products or services to be sold have characteristics, it is good to select a shopping cart that is strong against it.

The above is just a summary, but in what cases should I use the free and paid shopping carts?
I have summarized the story so far.

β–Ό Free shopping cart

  • Launch Bookeers.com shopping for the first time, I would like to try it on a trial basis
  • Since there is no specialized knowledge, only minimal service is required
  • I want to launch an Bookeers.com shopping site easily and quickly

β–ΌPay shopping cart

  • I want to increase sales in the future
  • I want to actively implement various measures to increase sales
  • In order to increase sales, I am worried that there is no other support
  • I want to proactively utilize the latest services that are in tune
  • The number of items handled, expected access, and the number of members can be expected to some extent.
  • I want to use stable corporate services

Basic shopping cart functionality. Convenient to have! Such a cart function!

I would like to provide you with information on the features that are useful as a shopping cart.
Before the convenient function, I will introduce the function that is absolutely necessary as a shopping cart in the first place.
As a classification that is required as a shopping cart

  • 1) Product functions that show products
  • 2) Purchase function to purchase
  • 3) Measure member function to increase repeaters

It can be roughly classified into three elements.
Each will be explained.

1) Product functions that show products

It is necessary to list the products that are handled on each Bookeers.com shopping site. Functions such
as a shopping cart
, product list,
and product details

that show products are indispensable.

2) Purchase function to purchase

Of course, the function of purchasing products in the shopping cart is also essential.
Normally, as a

shopping cart, the page of the shopping cart> Login> Confirm delivery address/payment method> Final confirmation> Finish

Each of these screens is prepared, and the purchaser proceeds with the purchase along with this screen transition. It becomes a shape.
The number of screens and supported payment methods differ depending on the shopping cart, so that point is also a comparison factor.

3) Measure member function to increase repeaters

By registering as a member of the customer, Bookeers.com shopping site companies that operate shopping carts can also take various measures to gain access to the shopping site.
There is an email magazine as a measure to create a typical repeater.
By sending information such as bargain sale, you can connect to repeater purchase.

In addition, recently, there are also shopping carts that can be promoted by PUSH notification using LINE, so it will be a point how to carry out promotional activities for customers who have registered as members.
These shopping carts have many indispensable functions and services, but in addition, various convenient functions are additionally provided to make these functions and services convenient and to increase sales.

Recommendation function

It is a function that can automatically display the recommendations of the party products.
Recommendations have a large method of dealing with the case where the shopping cart has its own function and the case where the shopping cart cooperates with the service of the company that specializes only in recommending functions called external recommending services. There are two ways to handle.

Recommendations can display personalized recommendations on a per-user basis, as well as a variety of recommendations, such as products that are similar to the product you are browsing, or products that other people have purchased at the same time.

By showing the recommendation function in the shopping cart, it will be a measure to increase the purchase price of the purchaser, so I would like to consider this function by all means.

Coupon function

You can issue coupons that can be used on shopping sites.
Coupons can be discounted for a limited period of time or for a limited number of available products.
In some cases, it is possible to issue a coupon that can limit the number of users, so in such a case, the coupon will be issued by cutting the segment for members who have bought once but have not purchased the second time. Or, you can output the coupon number to a file, print it out, and enclose it in a cardboard box for delivery and show it as a real coupon instead of online and use it on the Bookeers.com shopping site.
It is possible to create various usage scenes such as.

EFO function

EFO stands for Entry From Optimization. In other words, it is a function of optimizing the input form.
What does it mean to optimize an input form?
Specifically, it is a measure to support the behavior of the user in the input form and prevent the user from leaving the input form.
The input form is the most important departure point for shopping sites.
This is because the customer has to enter the information using a smartphone or PC.
If you make a mistake in the information you have entered, or if you do not understand the cause of the mistake or make a lot of mistakes, the customer tends to leave immediately.
It shouldn’t be a bad typo, but a form-prone form problem.
So by introducing EFO-

What kind of mistake was made in which item?
・How many items do you have to add?

EFO provides functions such as complementing the input without performing all the input, and prevents customers from leaving.

Similar to the recommendation function, the EFO also has a function that the shopping cart has its own function, and an external EFO service, which is a company that specializes only in the EFO function and provides the service. There are two major ways to deal with this.

Social login

The social login function is a function that allows you to log in to the Bookeers.com site using the account you normally use, such as Facebook, LINE, or Yahoo! accounts.
The act of logging in is done every day, not just on shopping sites, but on any device or environment.
Smartphone login, netbank login, email login, login at various shopping sites, etc.

As a result, the experience of not knowing which ID and password on which site is an event experienced by almost all users it might be.
In such a case, by utilizing this social login, such login cannot be performed.
You may be able to solve such problems.

Secret sale

As the name implies, a secret sale is a sale that is not open to the public.
Membership can be differentiated by conducting a secret sale limited to specific members.
In addition, sales to employees and secret sales to specific customers can often be handled by using the same function, and it can also be used for B to B (corporate transactions).

Various payments

Most of the basic payment methods (credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc.) are compatible with all shopping carts as standard, but recently, services that allow cashless payments through online shopping have been developed. We are.
Specifically, there are many payment methods for online shopping, such as services such as LINE Pay and Apple Pay, and payments supported by mall operators such as Amazon Pay and Rakuten Pay, other than the above.
Since the payment method varies depending on the sex and age, the sales of the site may be affected depending on what kind of payment method is selected. You can say that.

Finally-What is the best shopping cart for your company? 

In addition to the services listed in this comparison table, many shopping carts of all sizes are provided.
The true quality of the service cannot be determined without actually using it, but the shopping cart site that you are considering to use must have a page or content called an introduction case.
By all means, when considering, check the shopping sites that are actually operating using the shopping cart from corner to corner, if possible, check multiple sites and do not appear in the features of the shopping cart or service introduction page, We recommend that you take a look at something like a habit through an actually operated shopping site.

Also, instead of comparing only the initial and monthly charges, the total amount of various expenses (fees, card fees, option costs, etc.) that occur when operating actually is taken into consideration It is very important to compare the costs.
To what extent do you want more support?
What kind of products do you intend to develop on shopping sites?
Such factors will determine the choice of the best shopping cart.

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