What is website backup and why it matters

What is website backup and why it matters
What is website backup and why it matters

what is website backup ?

In this article, I will try to answer the question “What is site backup and why is it important? It is just as easy to fly away when the realm is virtual. That is why ‘backup’ is one of the first and regular things we need to do, whether we have data on our computers or our websites.

The primary reason for backing up the website is to prevent the destruction that may occur as a result of irreversible errors. What I mean by this is that it is recommended to back up even if an update for wordpress is released, even though it has been tested many times. Because the plugins and themes that each user uploads to their site are different and somehow errors can occur.

One of the second and frequently encountered problems is the possibility of making our site unusable by malware and hackers. In this case, what we need to do is to make our site available again by using the backup we have.

Although it is not very common (once it happened to me, although it is not very often), it is the data loss caused by the crash of the computers of the domain providers (ie the hosting company) that publish our website. I would like to state that this is also an irreversible end.

Well, since backup is so important, questions like how long and how many times can come to mind. First, we should definitely take a backup before making any updates, as I mentioned above, the party that already offers the backup before wordpress backup or any plugin backup will inform you about the issue that they do not accept a warning and responsibility.

Secondly, depending on how often you post articles on your site, if you lose my data from now on, the point that you say I cannot write them again is the time to backup for me. This number may be 2 for some, or 10 for more. This is completely up to the person himself.

If you have backed up for the 2 cases I listed above, you will not need any more backups until later.

So how do we do the backup? 

It would be impossible for me to answer only this article. Because there are many methods for backing up the sites either manually or with plugins. From time to time, you can backup to the articles I will write on the site by typing ‘backup’ in the search bar of the site, or by reaching a list of the articles related to backup, with the easiest or understandable method.

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