What is website builder ? and what is the best website builder platform ?

What is website builder and what is the best website builder platform

What is a site builder?

As a site builder, or in short name, WYSIWYG site builder is an online software that allows you to develop your own website online without having any knowledge of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc. The acronym WYSIWYG is What You See Is What You Get in English, which means β€œyou can have everything you see”. The principle of operation is to implement the visual drag (drag and drop) of site elements as web developers want. It is very similar to moving the icon on the computer desktop using the mouse. This is achieved through the operation of the latest drag and drop editing program, which radically shortens website creation. Elementary students can handle this now! It is not an exaggeration.

Who is the site builder for?

The Site as a Service (SaaS) builder was originally intended for the most common Internet users. The majority of builder users are web developers with little or no budget. Those customers who don’t have enough standard CMS or hosting use knowledge can’t wait to ask for a site that has already been completed. For all these needs, modern site builders are a perfect fit. The second group of users is a company or individual who does online sales. This customer does not want to invest a small amount of money from the start to develop the site for self-sales. The monthly subtitle solution provided by SaaS is ideal for them. It is worth emphasizing that the features of the extremely specialized, many site builders are fully in line with the trend of modern online sales. All in all, these builders aren’t free, but that’s not a problem for this user group. And these customers are prepared to pay for the features they offer.

The good thing about site builders

It takes about 10 to 60 minutes from the moment you register on the Quick Builder website to the start of content entry (for business cards-site). For example, in the case of creating a custom site using a steward, it takes several weeks and the results are very difficult to predict. If you’re using an existing tablet, or, for example, a WordPress theme, you’ll spend at least a few hours on web hosting, domain name, settings on the tablet itself, and final customization. At this time, you need certain skills and knowledge. As a result, site builders are the fastest way to build your own site.


Most of the modern site builders are designed to handle users without special knowledge. In addition, you don’t need to know the following basic issues: upload your site to hosting, pin your domain name to your site (stick your server DNS), install payment systems, set up contact types and many other issues. All of this can be done with a simple mouse movement in the builder. You just click on what you need and select it and it will soon appear on your site and start working. This means no site publisher or site tablet can offer you. The site creation model itself using the WYSIWYG builder means simplicity and simple understanding for the user. Considering that the user is not an IT expert. This is the most unusual thing about a site builder that is different from other, random web development programs.


Usability comes from simplicity. You design the site as you demand. You can use the finished layout or edit your favorite layout as you like. Try doing this on a site created by a freelancer or developer. You have to work with them to create a custom spec, and after paying it, wait until it’s done. With Site Builder, you don’t have to ask anyone for help or pay supplements. Everything is simply and conveniently installed directly from your interface.


Custom site development is not cheap if done by popular site makers. Freelance is cheap, but the quality of the output will be directly proportional to the amount required. In addition, you must purchase domain name and web hosting separately in the first and second cases. Looking at your spending, you can see that using paid site builders is the same as using hosting Shared. If you’re a good site builder, your monthly payments are somewhat higher than standard hosting, but you don’t have to purchase a tablet or WP theme, or even go ahead and pay custom website development fees to your website publisher. In addition, many site builders are free, regardless of the period of use. Of course, you can also find a free tablet, but on the whole, its quality is lower, and unlike free site builders, it’s more troublesome than real profit.

No risk

Site builders not only save production costs, but also reduce the likelihood of risk. For example, an internet shovel is required for you to do online sales. Developing a professional Internet shovel at a well-reputed website maker will cost a significant amount of production. If you’ve spent your budget on this, but your business isn’t doing well, this money will be in the air. If you choose to use the ecomertce site builder for the same purpose, you’ll pay the monthly subtitles, not just once, with an internet shovel that’s never less powerful and printable with technical support. At the same time, the payments will also be significantly smaller. Take Shopify, for example. This is one of the best professional internet shovel builders. This allows you to have an internet shovel for $29 per month. This is the base rate, and you can transfer to a more favorable rate system at any time if your sales require more powerful site features. This is how money is saved. The Shopify feature for Internet shopping malls is so wide that many Western giants are using this platform. If it happens that your sales are not meeting your expectations, then it’s good that you didn’t spend a lot of money on custom site development. You are only paying for the duration of your Internet shovel. For regular sites, there are more benefits. Use the free fare system and switch to a system with a wider range of functions if your work progresses. If you don’t like it, you can keep the free site as much as you need without paying it. An example of such a convenient condition is Wix. conclusion: It would be unfair to our readers if we did not point out any flaws that might be present while listing the strengths of the site builder. It’s possible that not all builders have this flaw. Some website builders do not have all of these flaws, but may have other flaws unique to them.

Site builders may have the following shortcomings:

Page loading speeds in general This shortage is characteristic of popular builders with millions of customers. However, it should be noted that this flaw is largely limited to the free-charge version. As a rule, this flaw is eliminated when the customer migrates to a random paid version. In many cases, the page loading is interpreted as having the customer and the builder on different continents. Some site builders use data centers in the UK and Germany, and if the customer is physically in New Zealand or the United States, he feels that his site is running a bit faster. If the user viewing the website at that time is located in Europe, this shortcoming is not felt.

Inevitability of monthly subtitle payments

In fact, many site owners do not like to invest in their own site development at once, and this shortcoming is seen as a real advantage in terms of the convenience of paying little by little every month. In addition, many builders allow a one-year or two-year payment with a significant discount. Free site builders don’t require payments themselves, so you have a good, complete, professional site for years, and you don’t have to pay anything at all. To be fair, even if you try to have another random site without using an online builder, you still have to pay the monthly web hosting fee and the domain name fee every year.

It wasn’t optimized for SEO

This legend remains from the old days when site builders were actively using flash technology. This, as you all know, made indexing web pages difficult by the search system. As of this year, none of the site builders use flash. Instead, I’m using HTML5 with no indexing issues. Most modern site builders are β€œSEO friendly” because the search system is not only very good at indexing, but also has the potential to be detailed: page hair, meter hair, meter description, file robot.txt, site maps and SEO. There are many other features that have great significance.

Weak technical support

This shortcoming is characteristic of free builders, among other things, like flaws in page loading. It’s worth noting that some servers with tens of millions of free citrons aren’t paying attention to every person looking for technical support. Therefore, for the most part, for free charges, technical support is unable to provide telephone contact information, only tickets and e-mail. And, in general, the answers sent by technical support aren’t as quick as the same reason: the large number of free users. On the other hand, I understand the free site builder. Providing good technical support for all users is physically impossible. So the basics are to give priority to paid users who maintain this site builder.

There are limitations to website customization.

The better a site builder is, the wider its feature options are, and the greater the ability to edit web tablets. Modern site builders allow users to change the structure of the mock-up as needed, change the color of the design, and change the size and content of the content block. So it’s fair to point out that this shortcoming is only about old-fashioned sitebuilder platforms. All modern, great site builders don’t have that flaw. However, it is worth remembering that you cannot replace the site tablet you selected once. So please take responsibility for that choice first.

What should pay attention to when choosing a site builder?

1. On what platform is the builder built?

HTML5 is better.

2. How big is the web tablet selection (layout)?

– The more, the better. Some site builders (eg, bookeers) have a collection of hundreds of great tablets and allow you to view them before registering on the site. In other words, you will first select the tablet you like as the basis of the site you will create in the future, and then register with the builder with the necessary tablet customization.

3. What is the quality of the site tablet?

– The quality of the tablet, along with the quantity, is one of the most important issues in site builder selection. The quality of the available tablets that form the basis of your site is one of the basic factors.

4. Drag & Drop Editor

-Drag & Drop editor allows you to move and set blocks and structures of your site using only one mouse. This is very convenient and significantly shortens the site creation process. All in all, a good site builder has a built-in Drag & Drop editor.

5. Simple and sensibly understandable interface

– One of the primary concerns of site builders is how to embed as many features and simplicity as possible into a single program. Some site builders have solved this problem better than others.

6. How adaptive are site builders to SEO?

– Before choosing a web builder, find out how well a site created with that platform is indexed in the search system. As a rule, most of the good site builders are very well indexed in the search system and have great potential for improvement using SEO.

7. Quality and Echo of Technical Support

-This factor may be missed by many users when choosing a site builder, and then regret it. Before you start using Site Builder, carefully read the reactions of your users. However, please note that some of them may come from publicity purposes at the same time.

8. Site pages in the required quantity

– Some free (free) site builders limit the maximum number of pages. However, almost all paid site builders allow you to create a site with no page limit.

9. Disk space capacity

-more is better. That means you can post more photos, videos, and more on your site. Realistically, all site builders allow you to purchase supplemental disk space at any moment, but you need to know what your initial space is first. Some site builders have unlimited disk space.

10. Site Builder Age and Performance

-Choose only proven site builders that have existed for at least a few years. When building your own site with any site builder, you should keep in mind that your website will remain alive while the site builder is there. I’m not trying to claim that all of the new products in this enterprise are all meaningless, but that’s because site builders, which have just been developed, are more likely to cause bankruptcy and discontinuation than others.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when choosing a site builder.

We have not discussed the public factors common to all site builders, such as social network integration and the feasibility of an electronic payment filing system. In addition, individual site builders may also have unique possibilities:

– Provide login to program code;

– The possibility of transferring the site to another web hosting;

– Possibility to load your own web tablet;

– Has its own web analytics system;

– Offering free contextual advertising as a gift from Google AdWords;

Some of the best website builders are


Wix starts this list of the best site builders. Many people call Wix the best site builder because his features are much higher than other builders. This is mostly because Wix has existed since 2006 and during that time Wix has made a lot of effort to complete its servers and it is still going on. The Wix team was able to create a powerful, yet easy-to-use and convenient site development tool. This is a very important issue in our opinion. Wix uses HTML5 , and has the most complete web editor of all site builders, a convenient interface and the largest web tablet resource. All Wix tablets are divided into categories, and the choice of categories is also impressive. This way, you can find a tablet suitable for almost any type, such as musicians, gym coaches, or general sales companies. It is also very important that all of these tablets are written by web design experts, and that they are free as site builders and that their quality is comparable. It is also very convenient for you to select your favorite tablet first and then register. Wix’s efforts are recognized by users, and there are currently 75 million sites built on this free web platform.


Webnode is a general free site builder from the Czech Republic. It has existed since 2008 and during that time more than 18 million sites have been developed on this platform. I can’t say that Webnode has any specific features or the web tablet is very good. However, this builder is not difficult to learn and can develop multi-language sites. This is arguably the advantage of Webnode. With this site builder, you can develop a website that can be logged in over 20 languages. In 2016, Webnode made massive updates to the server, making it easier to use than ever. We hope this site builder development business will continue.


Weebly is one of the oldest and most popular site builders and has evolved seamlessly since 2007. This free site builder is designed for developing a wide variety of sites, including business cards-sites, blogs, and internet shovels. Weebly is an easy-to-use and simple tool that has a great tablet with high editing and modernization potential. In addition to the beautiful tablet, Weebly has a powerful Drag and Drop editor that significantly shortens the site building process. As one of the most popular site builders in the world, Weebly has a huge app source in AppMarket. This allows us to extend the functionality of the site endlessly, and Weebly did all of this very well. Weebly has a few other great options: the ability to upload your own individual tablets and make changes to your site’s HTML code. At this time it is not a formal option, you can fully edit your own site HTML/CSS. Weebly’s free features are also great, unlike other site builders where the free-to-charge methodology is formally present.


Jimdo is a great free site builder developed in Germany. Our company was founded in 2007 by 3 friend-program developers and has successfully provided SaaS services for site production . The Jimdo account has over 15 million existing sites. This site builder enables the development of the most diverse sites, from personal homepages to internet shovels. Despite Jimdo’s versatility, this site builder is best suited for Internet shovel development, among other things. There are more interesting suggestions on the market with business card-site production, but Jimdo’s capabilities are very broad for the creation of Internet shovels. However, Jimdo’s free fare format only offers the possibility of developing a simple site, with no online sales potential and significantly reduced functionality. If you need a more powerful option or Internet shovel, you have to pay for it. In other words, Jimdo’s free features aren’t the best when compared to many other free site builders. What can’t you say about the business fare type for Internet shovel development?


Shopify is one of the best site builders for shoveling the Internet without a discussion. As an online sales tool, Shopify allows you to build random-sized Internet shovels from scratch. So it is not surprising that over 200,000 Internet shovels are built on this platform worldwide. This number is great considering that this site builder is an unpaid paid, even cheaper builder. Customers using Shopify are more interested in trying to open online sales as much as possible, not savings. Shopify has a free trial period for 14 days, but after that we offer you to choose one from several fee types. The strong side of Shopify is his powerful visual editor and extremely extensive features. First of all, Shopify has a collection of additional paid and free apps (in AppMarket) and a paid premium tablet collection. Yes, don’t be surprised – Shopify has a free and independent paid tablet, which makes it very high quality. All of these paid add-on apps and tablets usually open up the possibility that internet shovels will evolve into super internet shovels.

6.Big Commerce

BigCommerce is one of the most powerful SaaS platforms for online sales. It is a very old company that started its operations in 2003 and is now popular in more than 70 countries. The total number of customers is a little less than Shopify, but the number is 27,000 with existing Internet shovels. Some of them have over $1 million in annual distribution! BigCommerce has a wide range of features and a variety of Internet shovel installation options, but the basic advantages are the possibility to integrate with Facebook, Google Shopping, Pinterest specific products Internet shovel, Amazon, Ebay, Shopzilla, Beso, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, MySimon’s trading platform, etc. It is the best. You can automatically manage (list, remove) products on these platforms using BigCommerce. In other words, when you upload a product or group of products to your BigCommerce shovel, these products are automatically exported to the platforms you need. It should be emphasized that this integration applies to all types of pricing at BigCommerce. There is no doubt that the advantage of BigCommerce is that this is not all.


Volusion is a popular site builder aimed at developing small and medium-sized Internet shovels. Unlike other specific online sales site builders, Volusion offers a more affordable price for the same feature. In part, there is a basic fee type that allows you to open an internet shovel with up to 100 products in quantities of $15 per month. As evidence, many popular site builders can start developing Internet shovels starting at $25 or more per month. Of course, Volusion doesn’t offer the possibility of a multi-channel distribution and distribution platform like BigCommerce, and additional app sources in AppMarket don’t reach Shopify, but there are some good aspects to it. First, Volusion is very convenient and simple to use. Second, it is versatile and allows you to customize your Internet shovel to your needs. Third, Volusion has many tablet sources: 100 free and 350 paid premium tablets. Finally, it has built-in integration with Ebay, Amazon and Facebook.


Squarespace is a paid site builder with a great tablet. It’s hard to argue that this is the best site builder on this list, but it’s really noteworthy. Even if you have a beautiful, high-quality tablet. Squarespace’s tablets look great and can be said to be the best of many builders. Even if the number is relatively small. So the visual part of Squarespace is perfectly normal. Squarespace is a visual editor that is not entirely typical and should be habitable. However, the tablet installation is convenient and the site customization features are really wide. This includes the possibility of CSS changes (which is not so big), which is very beneficial for experienced web developers.


Webs is the oldest DIY site builder and started business in 2001 under the name Freewebs. Now there are 57 million sites developed on this site platform and the number continues to grow. Webs is, above all, recognized as a free conscientious site builder. This means that if you create a free site with Webs, it will run over the years and is completely free. Webs features a simple and intuitively understood interface, many adaptable tablets (over 450), and additional apps for modernizing your site. What makes the difference between other builders and Webs? Webs allows you to develop memberships on your site. This means that you can only log in to some of your site content to some members with special logins. It is emphasized that this unique feature is unique to Webs. Other site builders do not have this capability.


Moonfruit was one of the first online builders to open in 2000. Moonfruit is a free, generic site builder with a tablet written in HTML5, a built-in Drag and Drop editor, and over 100 tablets of poor quality. The basic benefits of Moonfruit are free plans and simplicity of use. Of course, this builder’s features aren’t as wide as Wix or Weebly, but they’re great for developing small, personal sites or blogs.

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